Monday, April 2, 2012

TrulyShare 1.2.1 Released

As some of you may know, we have been building TrulyShare for a few months now. The iPhone app is now out and we would love for you to use it to talk up those products you love! We are aiming to get at least 100 active users in the next few weeks so please help us spread the word. Please forward this to anyone you know who would be interested. As always, any feedback you may have on making the TrulyShare experience better and more meaningful is welcome.

Here is a quick primer on TrulyShare and how to use it.

It only works on an iPhone, so sorry if this does not apply to you. Please send it to someone with an iPhone.

Download it at:

What is TrulyShare?
- TrulyShare is a service that makes it easy for you to share products you love with your friends.

What products are we talking about?
- Think things you can buy at a store. Perhaps a pair of shoes you rock, your new laptop, or that cool watch you want to show off--anything goes, as long as you can buy it at a store!

What does it mean to "love a product"?
- Products continually touch our lives. Each one of us have some products we want to talk up, simply because our lives are so much better for it. Wouldn't you want to spread the love for such products and get your friends to use them as well?

Examples of shares:
- You see a cool shirt in a store and want to ask your friends if you should buy it.
- You are absolutely loving your new laptop and want to tell the world about it.
- Your kid loves his favorite ball and you want to tell your friends about it.
- How about that new pan which serves up perfect omlettes?

Why should you use TrulyShare?
- It's Your Product: You have something to say and we want to help you say it.

- AND, TrulyShare allows you to tag a picture with the product details so your friends can easily purchase products you recommend.

So, how do you TrulyShare?
- This is as easy as 1-2-3-4.
- Step 1: Capture It: Take a picture of the awesome product you love and tag it.
- Step 2: Say Something: Write a short caption for your picture to say why you love the product.
- Step 3: Simply Share It: By e-mail, on Facebook, or on Pinterest.
- Step 4: Wait for the love from your friends to roll in!

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