Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Want to play a game with us?

We know that you love TrulyShare for making it easy to share products you love. What would make you love us more? How about a fun and easy game with a cool $200 to be won? Play and win our Most-Wanted game and you can get a $200 Amazon gift-card. All you have to do is find cool products that people would want and share it on TrulyShare. Then just wait for the "Wants" to roll in and you are well on your way to making $200 in free money!

Here is how you play:
  • Share products with your friends on TrulyShare.
  • When your friends "Want" your shares, you earn points. 1 "want" per friend per product is a point, and "wanting" your own product doesn't count. ;)
  • You can track the leader-board to see where you stand in the competition
  • Get the most points and by the end of the contest, July 15, 2012, you will win $200.
Go on, get going now - this will probably be the easiest $200 you ever made!