Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TrulyShare 1.3.1 Released

You asked and we did it.

We had received a lot of useful feedback from our users about new features they wanted to see in TrulyShare. Most of the requests were around easier photo uploading and sharing with friends. While we were already working on improving the social aspect of the app we decided to also work on the photo uploading aspect. The improved TrulyShare experience is now available on the iPhone app store, with the following features:
  • Better Facebook integration. You can now choose to auto-post your activity on Facebook so that your friends are easily plugged into products you dig.
  • Better camera support. We have added zoom, focus, simple editing. We now also support uploading pictures from your camera, so you can upload the Instagram-ized or Awesome-ized picture that you spent hours composing.
  • Faster image downloads all around in the app. Now you can quickly see what you, your friends or our featured users are discovering and sharing with TrulyShare.
  • Comments.  You can have a discussion with your friends about the product through the app. We envision several threads around "Should I or should I not buy...".
  • Better support for product purchases. It's now even more easier than ever to purchase products through TrulyShare. If you like it enough to call it out, you and your friends should be able to buy it quickly-right?

Now let us take it to the next level.

We listened to your feedback about the app. We would love to have more feedback about the new version. We want to make it easy and fun for you to share products you love with your friends, to have a conversation around it, and to buy it all within the app. So help us help you spread the love better. Here is what you should do now:
  • Update to the latest app. Right Now! Give it a spin and we guarantee that you'll like what you see.
  • Take our short survey about the app. Let us know what you like/don't like about the new version. Tell us more about features you absolutely want in TrulyShare. You see, we are here to please.
  • Invite your shopping buddies to follow you on TrulyShare and you'll be delighted by what you'll discover and share together

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