Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Install the TrulyShare Widget on Blogger [4 Simple Steps]

This tutorial will show just how easy it is to install our widget on a Blogger Blog. 

The only thing worse than a badly designed and broken webpage, is a site riddled with ads.  Most readers are driven to installing an ad blocker, allowing them to browse in peace.
Here at TrulyShare, we understand this common dilemma. We understand the fine line website owners walk when deciding between monetization and reader satisfaction. We have been working hard at designing our new monetization widget and now is time for you to try it out. 

Step 1

Become a publisher on the official TrulyShare website.  

Our signup process is simple; we require your business name, country, url, and valid email.  Unlike many other sites, we only collect payment information when necessary.  Once your balance reaches $20, we get some additional information so we can pay you.

Step 2

Copy your HTML code
Now that you are an official publisher it's time to make some money. We provide you with an analytics page where you can update information and view earnings progress. Here you will need to copy your code under the Get Widget field, this will go in our blogger HTML code.

 Step 3

Edit HTML code on Blogger
Login to your blogger account and scroll to the bottom link labeled Template. From here you will need to press the Edit HTML button.

Step 4

Insert the TrulyShare code on your blog
You will now be prompted with a screen full of HTML. This step can be completed with little to no knowledge of programming. Search for the ending </body> tag of the code. Paste your code before this line, this will allow your widget to show on your site.


The installation is now complete.
 It is time to make some money. This code can only be used once per site. We have a "Shop" tab on our Tumblr page too, the process is as easy as adding another line of code to your HTML just like you did here.

Please ask any questions here in the comments or email us at contact@trulyshare.com

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