Sunday, August 4, 2013

Understanding the TrulyShare revenue sharing system

By installing the TrulyShare "Shop" tab on your website, you expect to make money. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand your requests for clear analytics and a steady revenue stream. We understand the pitfalls behind competitors products' such as Google AdSense and other traditional affiliate marketing systems. In order to solve this problem we have built TrulyShare, a great revenue sharing system for publishers.

Why is this system better?

Within our system, publishers accrue earnings with traffic, but the earnings are only based on purchases. 

  • All publishers will benefit when the overall traffic quality improves. 
  • Bad quality publishers hurt themselves and everyone else.

A case study

Suppose that today, the combined purchases for all publishers total $500K. Not all publishers would have seen any purchases today. Let's take publisher X as an example, who would have earned $0 with a traditional affiliate marketing system. 

With TrulyShare, publisher X would have earned more than that. Suppose the combined number of page views from all publishers was 50M of which publisher X accounts for 1M. Therefore, publisher X would have received $2.5K instead of $0, sounds like a much better system right? 

Publisher Analytics

We are always innovating to make your earnings as visible as possible. We often run into two common problems that some publishers are unaware of. 

Some of your earnings accumulated may not be directly generated from the sale of products from your website. The positive: You still get paid. The negative: We cannot show you, for privacy reasons, the details of these transactions. 

Our unique revenue system is built around website owners like you. We offer our products to great publishers, when your sales are strong everyone benefits, when your sales are weaker you earn a larger amount than you would in a traditional affiliate marketing system. See our case study above. 

If you have any suggestions or concerns about this system please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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